Friday, April 27, 2012

1992 Toyota Camry: A/C Control light Flashing and A/C not Blowing Cold?

No Cold AC and AC button Flashes.

The Air conditioner is not blowing cold air and the AC control light flashes.
The ac light flashes because the compressor is not spinning and the rotation sensor is not detecting or matching the engine RPM. This can be caused by anything from a bad clutch coil on the compressor to a broken wire going to the magnetic clutch or even a bad sensor in the compressor. Start with checking the belt tension then check the connector at the compressor.

For the Connector i will say,there is only one connector to the compressor and it has the clutch wire and the sensor. This is located to the front side of the compressor.

1992 car models basically have Manually operated Air Conditioner Systems.

Because A/C will not run unless you turn it on by pressing the ON button, and switching from heat to cool in other words it don"t come on by temperture changes.

So on that basis i will provide the wiring details.It can be loose or shorted or make be unplugged wire to the connector or it can be faulty AC control relay too.
Read the details mentioned below:----

At the connector at the compressor pin number 4 is a black wire with t a white tracer. This is the power feed from the MG/CLT or magnetic clutch relay int he fuse box under the hood on the drivers side. MAke sure the relay clicks on and then B/W wire is getting 12 volts. Then try to swap it with another relay with the same configuration.This will help to confirm ,if relay is the issue.

Try this Test Procedure.
Disconnect the connector and check for 12 volts at the black/white wire with the relay still in place. You should get 12  volts from b/w wire and light should not blink .Now connect connector back up and see if light A/C button light blinks or not.
If yes then Relay is the issue.

This details will help you.

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