Thursday, April 26, 2012

Toyota Prius: Hybrid Battery Rebuild?

Rebuild Hybrid Batteries.

The HV batteries are not rebuild-able as far as the toyota recommends. The individual modules are not available separate. The only way to do this would be to find some supplier perhaps on the internet or ebay. As far as giving you step by step instructions to try and replace one of the modules in this type of format is not a good Idea due to the complexity and the danger involved with the high voltage of the HV battery. If you still want to proceed my recommendation would be to go to www.techinfo.toyota.com
There you can get the info on the battery removal and precautions to remove the pack. I would consider a good used one from a junk yard before you try and mess with changing out or rebuilding one of the modules. Just make sure the used one has not been setting in the junk yard for more then 6 months.

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