Sunday, April 29, 2012

2006 Toyota Sienna: How to replace Rear Spark Plugs?

Replacing spark plugs on toyota sienna.The Rear Spark plugs are behind the Intake plenum.Getting hands there is bit difficult.
You have two options here. The first one is to just remove the throttle body from the plastic intake manifold. This will give you a little more access to reach in and under the intake manifold itself. It still is tight but can be done. In order to remove the intake manifold to replace the spark plugs the wiper motor panel assembly and upper cowling has to be removed before the intake manifold will come off.
The plastic manifold itself has three brackets on the backside by the firewall which are very tight tolerances to unbolt then you have the obvious bolts along the top of the manifold that hold the manifold to the lower aluminum housing.

The throttle body comes off in two sections the first one is held on by either three or 4 -10 mm bolts then the second section is held on with about four to five 12 mm bolts. Given the age typically these rubber gaskets can be reused. The intake manifold is slightly different but basically the same when it comes to the throttle body configuration depending on whether you have the 3.3 L or the 3.5 L engine. In 2006 depending on your production you could have either engine.

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