Thursday, April 26, 2012

2001 Toyota Tacoma: Ignition Locked?

Key wont turn the ignition.The ignition is locked.

this types of probems can occur any time and on any car models.

There are some basics that can be tried first.In most cases this helps.

Do you have any free play at all in the steering wheel and also see that steering wheel is not locked up against ignition lock cylinder?
Does the key turn even to the ACC position or will it not turn at all? Do you have any other duplicate/second key to try?
If yes then try to use that another key.

Did you physically try and force the steering wheel left and right.IF NOT AND IF ITS POSSIBLE THEN TRY IT.While trying to turn the ignition key.
Have you tried any other keys while physically forcing the steering wheel left and right? If the steering wheel gets pushed up against the steering lock when the engine shuts off the power steering pressure or pump/steering rack can cause the ignition lock cylinder to not release. This happens because the pressure on the lock mechanism that is attached to the ignition lock cylinder will not retract because of the excessive pressure.

If you have already tried this basics then,
Unfortunately your options are getting limited very quickly.
First you can try getting a new ignition key made by the key code provided by the dealership. Do not trace cut your old key it will only make the problem worse. What you're going to find is the lock cylinder tumblers are worn along with the ignition key itself. Sometimes with a new key cut to the factory code it can sometimes work.

The second thing to try is using WD-40 spray it directly into the ignition lock cylinder. Then use the key and work the key in and out of the lock cylinder. Try flipping the key over and continue working the key in and out. Then use compressed air to blow into the lock cylinder to free up or loosen any of the small pieces of brass that have worn off the lock cylinder itself. Then repeat the process with a little more WD-40 and the key in and out.

If this still does not work then,the lock cylinder will have to be drilled or you will have to force a straight blade screwdriver into the lock cylinder with a square shanked shaft and use a wrench to force the lock cylinder to the accessory position.

This is the only way the lock cylinder assembly can be removed is turning it to the accessory position. This is difficult to do for most people. There is a lock tab that has to be released in order to allow the lock cylinder to be removed from the steering column assembly.A local car mechanic or Dealer techs can perform this task easily.

This details will help.

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