Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lexus ES300: Replace AC Compressor?

The Air conditioner stopped working.Inspection and testing shows Compressor is short.

Replacing the compressor is not very hard.But a proper knowledgeable person can do it.

Provided the filter dryer did not disintegrate or break apart anything that was in the compressor should have been caught in the filter/dryer. Replacing the compressor and dryer should be all that you need. The expansion valve at this point should not be needed. Make sure that you replace any O-rings with new ones that are designed for this system. Make sure that you add a few ounces of refrigeration oil into the dryer and into the compressor. Lubricates all O-rings with refrigeration oil before putting them on. If this is a used compressor a lot of times it oil has leaked out of it.
Just get the O rings wet with the oil before assembling.Put the O-ring on then put a few drops on the O-ring all the way around. The O-rings have to be wet with oil or they will not slide in and could potentially tear. When adding be couple of ounces of refrigeration oil to the components just pour it into either of the openings usually about 1 to 2 ounces in each component will suffice.

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