Friday, April 27, 2012

2006 Toyota Hilux: Programming New Key?

The New can be be easily programmed ,but to make it start the car it has to be detected by the ECU( Engine Control Module) also called as computer.

Basic Key Program Procedure is:--
Put original master key in. Remove and insert 4 times. Open close drivers door 6 times. Remove master key. Security light stays on. Insert new key. After a few seconds security light goes to flashing twice then once, twice then once.... Over and over for the next few minutes then goes back to normal once flash.

This procedure of inserting the key into the ignition cylinder and opening and closing the door will only program the wireless remote portions of the key. The immobilizer chip portion of the key can only be programmed to the engine control computer and immobilizer transponder ECU by using a Toyota scan tool at the dealer. Since about 2004 they have done away with self programming using anything but an approved Toyota scan tool. This is done for security reasons. When you insert the ignition key in the lock cylinder the reason why the security light flashes is to indicate that it is an unmatched immobilizer key.
But to make the new key completely working for starting the car,it can only be done by Original Toyota Scan Tool.

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