Monday, April 9, 2012

Car Not Starting After Floods?

In this case the customer is having problem with his  2004 Pontiac Grand AM.
The car was running very fine,but the problem starter after the floods.
The car will not keep running.

On this basis the details to troubleshoot the problem is as follows.

In most cases the problem can be short in the connections.So first of all the connections needs to be tested.Test the voltage to battery,starter and alternator.

But as the problem started after the floods.This indicates that it can also be the short in modules.
So first test the connections,if all components tests out ok,then undoubtedly you got water in the BCM which is the module that handles the security system.

The Vehicle Theft Deterrent (VTD) system can disable starter function. The BCM is under the right side of the dash just under the glove box. You will find that the BCM is full of green corrosion and that is what is prohibiting you from getting the starter to crank the engine over and start the car. Make sure and check the electrical connectors too, as the VTD is very sensitive to even very slight voltage fluctuations. The BCM will also have to be programmed or set up to the vehicle. A junk yard BCM will only cause you more problems later on when VIN numbers do not match and it locks up too, so make sure and get a new BCM. You can open the plastic case that the circuit board is in for the BCM and look at the board, I am sure you will find corrosion.

Inspecting the BCM and testing voltages to main components will help.


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