Saturday, April 28, 2012

Toyota Corolla: Random Misfire?

Check engine light Comes on Steady,after getting the car scanned,it says "RANDOM MISFIRE".

Basically in such cases the problem is spark plug or issue with ignition coil or coil pack it self.In some cases this is due to faulty fuel injectors.
In some cases you get P0171 lean condition code set with the cylinder misfire codes or an oxygen sensor code set with the lean misfire codes.

But if All this basics are already been checked and tested or the parts are already been replaced and still you notice same problem.
Then best option is to get the compression test done.

A compression test is important. It needs to be at 165 psi minimum. This engine had issue with bad injectors. There was also problems with fuel filters clogging and pressure/volume issues to the rail. Normally this will set a lean code. Also the MAF gets contaminated and causes a lean misfire. Remove the MAF and look down in the tube and see if the tiny resistor wires are coated with grit and grime. These solve most of the random misfire code problems. Let me know how it goes.

A compression test normally runs one hour worth of labor times your local rate figure about $80 and no more than $100. You can clean the mass airflow sensor yourself there are two screws that hold it into the top lid of the air cleaner box and one electrical connector remove these two Philip screws and remove the sensor by wiggling and pulling it out of the housing. Then use a flashlight and look down into the tube and you will see these two tiny resistor wires. Do not touch the resistor wires just watch them with brake cleaner and then blow-dry.

This basic details will help you.

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