Sunday, April 29, 2012

1999 Lexus LX470: DTC C1252 and C1256 Code Detected?

C1252 Code indicates Faulty Hydro-Boost pump and Code C1256 points towards accumulator pressure low.

These do not normally fail. Based on CODE description however it does sound like the accumulator has failed. When the pump runs continuous it means that is not building pressure so that it shuts off. The pump should cycle on to pressure up the system then cycle back off. It's a long shot but you could possibly have the technician flush the brake system by using the active testing scan tool to operate the pump and push fluid out all four wheels cylinders. If it will not consistently bleed hydraulic pressure while active testing with the tech view scan tool or similar scan tool then you're looking at a bad accumulator pump assembly.

Unfortunately your options are limited here. This code sets whenever electric pump in the Hydro system runs longer than it is designed to or supposed to. Its advisable to get this parts tested/ inspected with proper Professional  mechanic so the correct diagnosis can be done to confirm the problem.The parts cost is  heavy in such cases.The cost can go approx $4000 for replacing whole ABS cannister, computer and motors.
You might consider trying to find a used one otherwise you're at the mercy of Lexus and other high dollar pump assembly. It comes with the new accumulator computer and pump motor. Due to the complexity of this component none of the parts are available separate and they're not re-buildable.

This details will help you to understand the problem.So you follow the correct path in getting the parts checked, before getting this problem solved.


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