Friday, April 27, 2012

1997 Toyota Camry: Erratic Idle and Intermittent engine stalling?

Intermittant stalling when Vehicle stops at Signal/red light.
This problems are very much noticed on many car brands.

There are few weak parts that can cause the problems.

Idler control valve,EGR valve,spark plugs and wires, ect.
Please go for Original Toyota or branded parts instead of cheap / local non branded parts.They dont match original parts quality and dont last long or many a times they dont get detected by cars computer system.So same problem is noticed even after you replace the parts.

The two most common issues for this problem are idle air control motor or IAC and the EGR valve. Both of these are very common failures that affect engine idle.
There is one more item that will cause erratic and intermittent engine stalling. This is the EFI water temperature sensor. It is very difficult to catch these when they are erratic or act up. Usually one of the follow-up signs is that the vehicle will crank for a slightly longer than normal. When it starts back up.
What happens is sporadically the EFI water temperature sensor will Spike a high-voltage around 2 to 3 V and the computer sees this as a an extremely cold engine and runs the injection time very rich for a few split seconds and will stall the engine. A lot of times this will not set a malfunction code for the engine control computer EFI water temp sensor.
The actual sensor cost is about $60. In these types of cases the labor to try and diagnose or catch this failure will out weigh the actual cost of just replacing with a new Toyota sensor. If it doesn't work you're only out $60. One of the other possibilities is the ignition coils. I have seen failures on the igniter side of the ignition coil on the IGT or IGF circuit and it will cause the engine quit running momentarily. This however 90% of the times will set a P 1300 series code.

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