Saturday, April 28, 2012

2003 Lexus ES: VSC, TRAC OFF, ABS lights ON?

In this type of cases check engine light is not illuminated and brake function normal.But you notice VSC/Trac off and ABS lights come on.

Also in some cases the driver has noticed Vibration too.
But i will say that,The vibration is not likely related to the VSC. That is probably tire or brake rotor related.
And as this Lights come on,i suggest you to first retrieve the Error codes.
The procedure is as follows:----
 Place a jumper wire or paper clip in TC and CG. IF there is a code 12 for example with the key in the on position the check engine light will flash one time then a slight pause then two flashes. If there is more then one code the others will follow.

It's a matter of inserting a jumper wire or one small paperclip between the two terminals. Once this is done turn the ignition key on and monitor the vehicle skid control light or VSC light and the ABS light. When the key is in the on position and this jumper wire is installed the light will flash a series of codes as I explained above.

In most cases you will receive code 43,31 and 35.

I will give details for all three.
The VSC light flashes as 4-3 interval (4-3 ...4-3 ... 4-3...etc.) and the ABS light flashes a 3-1-3-5 interval (3-1-3-5 ... 3-1-3-5 ... 3-1-3-5 ... etc).

The code 43 means low battery voltage to the actuator for the abs and VSC system. This can be a bad battery or poorly charging alternator to a problem with the connector to the unit.
The 31 and 35 indicate a problem with the Right Front wheel speed sensor(WSS). The 35 is an issue with debris on the tip of the sensor. Focus on the right front sensor repair first.

The right front WSS is on the passenger side.The right front is always as you're sitting in the car which would make it the passenger front wheel. The only way to accurately test and alternator is by reading the voltage at the battery should be between 13.2 and 14.2 volts. You would need an amp meter in order to test the current flow or output of the alternator. Typically though if you're getting at least 13.2 V the alternator normally is charging fine.

PLEASE NOTE:---If the system is no longer flashing a code there may be an issue in the computer for the VSC system. This may require a scan tool to get in to further diagnostics of the system.

You can continue to drive this vehicle. You just will not have ABS function or vehicle skid control functions. It will accelerate and brake as a normal vehicle.

This details will help.

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