Friday, April 27, 2012

1994 Toyota MR2: Replacing Reverse light?

Tail light, brake light or Reverse light.

The Disassembly / removal detail for Driver side Reverse light on Toyota MR2.

There are 3 screws that are to be removed.This screws hold he light assembly.Once this screws are removed,the light assembly glass will be loose to come out.

One screw is easily seen,but other two screws are bit hidden.
In many cases self doers just pull the light assembly glass by just removing one screw and this breaks the glass or damages other original parts.

 1 screw  is on the upper surface.There is a small side cover that pops off and this will expose the 2 screws coming in from the side.

The diagram shown below will help you

Location of Light assembly Screw.

This details and diagram will help.

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