Sunday, April 29, 2012

2003 Toyota Camry: Spongy hard brake pedal?

Spongy Hard Bare pedal while brakes are applied or while Stopping at signals.

This types of problem are indication of inspecting brake related parts and complete brake System.

The Parts like  front brakes,pad kit, shim kit, disc brakes,brake rotors,calipers, etc.

But if you dont notice any lack of braking efficiency or high speed pulsation while driving then,
I will say, You can make just about any brake pedal feel a little spongy if you continue to pump or work the brake pedal.

You probably could get by with just doing a rear caliper service which would include freeing up the caliper slides and pins. This is the weakest point on four-wheel disc brakes on the particular car that you have. This will cause the slightly spongy brake pedal.

As far as replacing the rotors and pads that probably does not need to be done. And calipers rarely ever fail. Most of these brake repair places and local mechanics get paid on commission of the parts therefore they sell a lot of calipers unnecessarily.May be they suggest all the customers who visit this garage places.

Even Though if you get "severe corrosion of the rotors" and "glazed pads" i will say its  not a problem.A proper servicing and inspection to this parts is required.

Normally severe corrosion will cause brake pedal pulsation especially at highway speeds. There's always going to be a certain amount of glazing or glazed pads. Normally I don't recommend replacing rotors unless you're looking at 25% by surface area damaged or gone due to corrosion. The outer edges up to about 1/4 inch in from the outer diameter of the rotor will always corrode in the rust belt due to the salt used on the road. This is actually fairly normal. The biggest problem that we find is usually related to the rear caliper pins and slide freezing up due to the salt water getting in and affecting the calipers ability to retract correctly and work smoothly which can as I mentioned before cause a slight spongy pedal feeling.

This details will help.

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