Thursday, April 26, 2012

2000 Toyota Camry: Trunk will not Open?

Trunk Lever Quit working.

Go inside the car and inspect the trunk lever latch.If its not disengaging,then manually disengage the lever hatch and see if the trunk lever works and trunk get open.

If this procedure is not helping, then read further procedure:

Try to open the trunk with the help of key.If its not getting open with the key too,then more inspection is required.
Look at the lock cylinder in the trunk lid. Is the key slot in the vertical or horizontal position?
When you pull the lever on the inside have someone listen for any noise coming from the trunk lid to see if the mechanism is trying to work inside the trunk.

If the key slot is in the horizontal position or left to right that is the valet mode and it disables the release mechanism inside the vehicle. You need to use all of your keys and possibly spray some WD-40 into the lock cylinder and turn the lock cylinder back to the vertical position usually this is done to the right one quarter turn. Make sure that you do not have a valet key. You need a master key in order to do this. The valet key will have the tip slightly cut off compared to a master cut key. If you cannot get any of your keys to turn keep jiggling them and turn them over and trying get the lock cylinder to turn to the vertical position.

WD-40 will not hurt the lock cylinder.

You definitely inadvertently turned this to the valet mode and because it probably has not been turn that direction in a while it may just be sticking. Once you get it turned is a vertical position it should allow the latch inside to work correctly. One click to the right will unlock the trunk with the key once it's vertical. Worst-case scenario you could get a new key cut based on your key code that the dealer can provide and get one valet key made.

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