Thursday, April 26, 2012

1996 Toyota Corolla: Transmission Shift Interlock will not Release?

Shift Lever Stuck in Park Mode.

In this types of cases,first check the Brake lights.Depress the brake pedal and see,is the brake lights coming ON or NOT.
Most of the cases this problem is due to shorted fuse.OR it can be the ECU/ECM  issue.ECU/ECM means The computer also called as Engine control module or Unit.

The brake stop light fuse does power up the shift lock ECU. The stop light fuse is mounted to the brake pedal bracket. The lower dash panel does not need to be removed to gain access to it. It is a tight reach and fit but all you need to do is break the 14 mm lock nut loose then the brake light switch unscrews. There is a single electrical connector with either two pins or four pins depending on whether not you have cruise control. Depress the lock tab and remove the electrical connector before unscrewing the stop light switch.

Before you do any of this though my recommendation would be to remove the left kick panel. In behind there you will find several connectors that go to the wiring harnesses that run along the left running board. Disconnect all these electrical connectors and see if the short goes away. If it does then you know the problem is somewhere to the rear brake light system. If the short is still there then the problem may be in the shift interlock solenoid itself in the center console.

At this point you would need to remove the center console and disconnect the connectors to the solenoid and computer. Sometimes stuff gets spilled into the solenoid and causes it to short out.

You will find the the 15 ampere fuses for the stop lights in the fuse box on the left driver's side of the car.Inspect/Test that fuses properly.If the fuses look blown out,then replace the fuse.

The 15 amp stop light fuse provides power to one side of the stop light switch when the stop light switch is activated or the pedal is depressed it closes the circuit and provides power to the shift interlock ECU and the brake lights. This is the only way the shift interlock computer/ECU knows that you have your foot on the brake and then will disengage the solenoid to allow the shifter to come out of Park. If you push down the bypass pressure switch on the center console it will allow you to temporarily get the shifter out of Park.

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