Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2007 Toyota Avalon: Security System Reset?

The Engine Immobilizer or Theft Deterrent System light is blinking.

Its the factory light with the picture of the key and car.Its a red light that blinks.
First of all i will say,check the basics.

That is ....
all doors, trunk, hood to be sure they are closed properly.
Also checked the shift selector and the ignition switch to make sure it is in the Lock position correctly.
Try starting the engine a few times with both keys and see if it starts fine.

If all this checked ok.
Then i will say,ITS A CONFUSION.

Many Toyota Avalon Car owners face this problem.

The light keeps blinking when the car is shut off and the key is removed.

Try this Procedure and this will clear the confusion.

Using one key at a time inserting into the ignition lock cylinder and turn the key to the on position does the security light go out or does it continue to flash on each key.Try will both key one by one and see what difference you get with each key.

Actually With both keys if the light does go off when in the ON position. If the light goes off when you simply put the keys into the ignition.

THEN,this is normal for both situations as soon as you insert the key into the ignition lock cylinder this means that the immobilizer chip in the key is being recognized by the immobilizer system and this light goes out. When you remove the ignition key this light will flash intermittently as a security measure. This is normal for this light to flash slow and steady with the key out of the ignition cylinder. This will not drain the battery and is normal.

Hope this details help you.

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