Thursday, April 26, 2012

2001 Toyota Corolla: Noisy Exhaust Shield?

Engine Exhaust Shield making noise.

The minor noise starts coming while drive.The noise coming from engine area.

For your information i will say ...........
There are 2 shields in that area that are common to rattle on this model.First you will have to inspect and confirm which shield is making noise.
Which shield specifically is rattling?
The one on the exhaust manifold. OR the one on the converter or of the tail pipe, center pipe.

The one on the manifold which is about 1.0 hours labor times your local rate and the shield is about $80. The other one is part of the front pipe and it is 1.5 hours in labor times your local rate and the pipe is about $125. Sometimes the front shield can be held in place with a clamp to save the cost of the pipe. Most labor rates at $80 to $120 an hour.

Basically it will not hurt the engine to drive with this rattle noise.Provided it is just a heat shield.But if this noise is very disturbing,then replacing the Exhaust heat shields is advisable.

This details will help.

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