Saturday, April 28, 2012

2002 Toyota Tacoma: Low Beams not working?

Both the Low Beam  Head Lamps not working.But High beam Lamps are working fine.

Yes in this types of cases you will notice that ,high beam indicator is on with light switch in the low beam position.

The high beam indicator is on when the switch is in the low beam position and it stays lit when you switch to the high beams. And the high beams work.

So all in all High beams works fine,but low bean not working.

According to the wiring diagram the only way the highbeam indicator can illuminate is, if the wire that goes up to the headlight switch is not being grounded through the headlight switch. If you remove the two screws behind the steering wheel by turning the steering wheel left and right then the one screwed from down underneath the two halves of the plastic column cover will separate. This will expose the electrical connector going to the headlight switch assembly.
Using a jumper wire attach one end of the jumper wire to a good ground metal surface under the instrument panel.
Then take the other end of the jumper wire and back probe this red wire with a green tracer which is pin number 17.
With the headlight switch in the ON position this wire should have 12 Volts and when you apply ground to it, then it should cause the headlights to illuminate and make the highbeam indicator go out. If it does then you know for certain the problem is in the headlight switch assembly. If you have no power to this red wire with a green tracer this means the bulbs are bad or one of multiple connectors between that point in the headlights themselves is open or disconnected.

Checking and inspecting the details mentioned,will help you to confirm the problem.
This details will help.

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