Sunday, April 29, 2012

2008 Toyota Highlander: Symptoms after Jumper Cables Crossed?

This is not Advisable.The Jumper cable crossed will cause lots of shorting issues.Tracing the exact problem takes lots of time in some cases.
Basically in some cases,you will see that vehicle will drive only in idle but will give no response on throttle.

The first thing that gets affected by this is,it normally just blows fuses. The large 120 amp ALT fuse.
If there is no throttle response more than likely you also popped the 10 amp or possibly 15 amp ETCS fuse look in the fuse box under the hood and locate this fuse. This is the main power feed for the drive by wire throttle motor. If there's no throttle response most of time of the time you will find that this fuse is blown.

Typically when these are jumped backwards like this it only blows fuses it rarely does any damage to engine control computer's.. Replace it see how it drives then check for any other components that are not operating and inspect the rest of the fuses.
If you notice any other problem after that,then in most cases the check engine light will come ON steady.Whenever the check engine light illuminates by default the vehicle skid control light comes on also.

This details will help.

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