Friday, April 27, 2012

2004 Lexus LX: Hood Release Broken?

Hood Will not Open.The Cable operating hood is stuck up or Broken.

Try this option.
This will need one helper.
With the help of Helper push down then pull up on the hood while you pull the latch release from inside the car.
See if this is helping to get the hood Open.

If the hood is not getting budge up with this basic procedure then unfortunately your options are limited here. The cable has broken at the latch or the latch mechanism is jammed. In some cases mechanics remove the cable and from the inner fender well and have it extended straight out from the side of the car and pull on the inner cable with vise grips or pliers. The straight on approach and the extra effort with the pliers some time can force the latch open as opposed to the plastic lever latch. If this does not work you are resigned to try and go up under the hood between the bumper and the front A/C condenser the try and get to the latch.
This is extremely difficult. The latch has a protective cover on it. This may be a shop or body shop extraction issue.

This details will help.

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