Thursday, April 26, 2012

2008 Toyota Tundra: MAF/IAT Sensor Wires?

MAF is Mass Air Flow Sensor and IAT is Intake Air Temperature Sensor.

In the MAF sensor Connector There are Two wires Which controls IAT sensor.
Many Car owners gets Confused About which two wires are for IAT out Of other MAF sensor wires.

So As per details.The 2 IAT wires on 2008 Toyota Tundra are
The THA signal input to the computer for the IAT is on the yellow wire with a black tracer. The wire next to it is a Brown wire and that is the ground side.

On some MAF sensor there are 4 wires and on some there are 5 wires.But Either a 4 or 5 wire MAF sensor Connector.There are 2 wires for IAT sensor.
One for IAT signal and other for IAT ground connection.

This details will help.

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