Thursday, April 26, 2012

2000 Lexus RX300: A/C Makes Loud Screeching Noise?

Air Conditioner Control light Flashing on Dash.
The A/C is making Screeching noise.

The Error Fault code noticed in this case are Code 21,31 and 41.

To Retrieve error codes its simple procedure.

Turn on the ignition switch while simultaneously holding down the "AUTO" and "RECRIC" buttons.

This procedure lets you to retrieve the error codes stored in the Cars computer memory.

The code 21 is for the solar sensor that will always show up when checking the codes indoors.
Code 31 and code 41 indicate a malfunction in the air mix dampener servo both the servo position sensor and the servo motor itself have some type of malfunction. This is the servomotor that controls the heat based on the amount of air that is bypassed around the heater core. These codes in general will not cause the air conditioning light to flash.
The Air conditioning light flashes because the A/C compressor is not spinning when the compressor is turned on. The rotational sensor does not match that of the engine speed.
This is usually related to either a loose belt or possibly a compressor starting to lockup. In some cases we have seen where the magnetic clutch relay malfunctions and can cause this. Based on this description of the noise check the tension on the air conditioning belt.

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