Thursday, April 26, 2012

2006 Toyota Tundra: OBD code P0453?

Check engine light Steady on dash.
Scanning the Computer shows Code P0453.

Basic testing and inspection is required.
It can be short in wires or any wire got loose or got unplugged or its a problem with parts.

Read the Troubleshooting details:---

The only way this codes sets is if there is an open/short in the signal wires to the pressure sensor in the canister or the sensor in the canister itself is bad. Normally it is a wiring issue. The 2 connectors involved are the one at the canister itself or the connector under the seat just before it goes out the rubber boot in the floor. It is the one on the left.

Understand this wiring color details properly.
The Wiring Details are for Access CAB
The voltage constant signal which should be the green wire with a black tracer and is pin number 8 needs inspected for corrosion and 5v on both side of the connector when plugged together.
The blue wire with a white trace is pin 7 and is next to the G/B wire is the input back to the computer from the pressure sensor.
Separate the connector and look at it very closely for green or white corrosion. The Blue and white wire voltage should be less than 5 volts and will change in value as the pressure in the tank and canister changes. Then pull the connector at the canister and check it for corrosion.

The Canister is Located next to the fuel tank under the truck. Follow the lines. It may have a plastic cover over it.

If you have DOUBLE CAB model Toyota Tundra then,

the diagram for the double cab. It is different. The connector is different but the color coding of the wires is the same. It is the innermost connector or the connector on the passenger side. The green wire with a black tracer should have 5 V this is the voltage constant signal sent from the computer to the pressure sensor in the canister. Disconnect this electrical connector do you have power to either side on this black wire with a green tracer?
Carefully inspect Do you see any kind of corrosion?

There are 2 more connectors in line for this wire before it gets to the computer and 1 splice point. If you are 100% certain that there is not 5 volts there with the key in the on position there has to be an open pin fit. This same 5v VC signal is also used for the air pump system sensor and it is shorted or not coming out of the computer the system would set other codes for the air pumps. Check the pin fit and for the 5v signal.
IE3 is up under the dash behind the glove box and is pin 18 G/B. Connecter IL3 is under the center console and is pin 11 G/B wire. Test voltage at these 2 places.

This details will help you to trace where the problem lies.Sometimes wires gets cut in between or pinched/crimped in between.So properly inspect the start to end of wire.In some cases connector wires gets bit loose.Removing the wire then cleaning the connection then reinserting the wire has also helped.

Hope this helps you.

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