Sunday, April 29, 2012

Toyota Camry: Premature ABS Actuation?

The Brake Feeling like it grabs then grinds and this problem goes on repeating.

In this cases first inspect the master cylinder and confirm that its not the problem.
Generally getting premature ABS actuation. Normally this is caused by one of the wheel speed sensor speed rings. These rings are attached to each drive axle or the backside of each wheel bearing. Typically what happens is the little grooves you get cracked or get damaged due to rust or corrosion. This causes an erratic signal to be sent to the ABS computer which thinks that you're sliding on ice and prematurely activates the ABS system. The only way to detect this is to monitor all four wheel speed sensors on an oscilloscope and watch the pattern for anomalies. If there are no codes it's unlikely anything in the ABS control unit or the wheel speed sensors themselves.

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