Thursday, April 26, 2012

2011 Toyota Corolla: A/C Not working with Diagnostic code B1479?

Air conditioner Now working.
The DTC scan shows Error code B1479.

B1479 Code means issue with FLOW SENSOR.
In this case other parts except flow sensor that can cause this problems are A faulty/weak compressor or low refrigerant or problem with Amplifier Voltage.

First of all in this newer model vehicles the clutch is not like  old standard magnetic engaging clutch. The compressor clutch assembly or Pulley spins all the time and the compressor turns all the time.
The flow control valve is what controls the refrigerant flow based on the input from the Pulley.

The A/C flow sensor, which is mounted on the compressor assembly with pulley, is used to detect the amount of refrigerant flow.

The A/C flow sensor converts the amount of refrigerant flow that is detected to a voltage value to send it to the A/C amplifier. The voltage value sent from the A/C flow sensor changes depending on the amount of refrigerant flow.
As the amount of refrigerant flow becomes larger, the voltage becomes lower. As the amount of refrigerant flow becomes smaller, the voltage becomes higher.
The A/C amplifier supplies 5 V to the A/C flow sensor and monitors change in the voltage value sent from the A/C flow sensor. The A/C amplifier then sends a signal to the ECM via CAN communication to allow the ECM to control the engine speed while the air conditioning is on.

The warranty on this should be three years and 36,000 miles provided this does not have a salvage title.If the electrical connector is in good condition at the air conditioning compressor, then its probably going to find that the compressor is weak and has to be replaced. The parts are not available separate.Its a factory order parts,available at dealership.

This details will help.

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