Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sulfuric Acid Smell From AC on 2011 Chevy Traverse?

In this case the customer noticed Strong Sulfur smell from AC while AC is turned on.

On this basic the troubleshooting procedure and details to solve this issue are as follows.

First of all check if the smell is coming when AC is on Fresh Air mode as well as Recirculate mode.Or its only coming on AC fresh Mode.If yes then it can be problem with PCV valve or the problem is from under the front hood.

Also many other Chevy Traverse users noticed this types of problem.Some are calling it Rotten Egg smell, others a Skunk smell.
There is no  service bulletin released for this exact problem,but this problem is noticed by many others too.

From the description you give it seems more like a sulfur smell. Sulfur could be coming from a couple sources; the battery or the catalytic converters. The battery in your vehicle is located under one of the second row seats if memory serves me correctly. The battery compartment is sealed from the passenger compartment and vented to the outside of the vehicle, so for a odor to be present from the battery and its charging would be unlikely. I wouldn't think the odor would change with recirculation of this were the case as well. So that leaves the more likely source to be the catalytic converter. The sulfur you smell is a result of the catalyst converting unburnt fuel into atmospherically safe gases. This could also be caused by a possible fuel additive that is present in your fuel. I don't think this is a defect in the catalytic converter itself, just an annoying byproduct of its function. I would try switching your fuel source, use a different gas station for a few tanks and see if that helps the problem. The only other thing I can think of would be to have your dealer make sure your vehicle has the most current engine control module (ECM) calibrations. If this is a factory known issue they may have an updated calibration that would change fueling and eliminate the odor, but thats just a guess. If your dealer can not find a resolution for the odor ask them to submit a filed product report. This report is submitted by the dealer service personnel and goes directly to brand quality managers at GM. If they get enough of this same concern they will launch an engineering investigation into the root cause. I know this may be a lengthy route to fix the concern but its the best shot.

Hope This details will help you.

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