Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lexus LS400: Transmission or Torque Converter?

What to replace Transmission or Torque Converter. What is faulty.

The car started emitting smoke while going uphill.The Engine got hot.
After getting cool,the gears are shifting but slipping.
Present condition no Gear Shift at all.

On this description.In this case,i will say proper parts inspection is very much necessary. Just guessing the faulty part and replacing it, is waste of money.

How many miles are on the vehicle and how does the fluid look?
Is it black or dark brown and have a burnt smell to it?
Has the check engine light been on and were there any malfunction codes involving any the solenoids in the transmission?

The malfunction codes are set in the engine control computer only if the check engine light had been on. It would be extremely unusual to see the torque converter fail on this vehicle.They are very rare to fail on this model vehicles.
If you're not getting any shift points or transmission engagement when placed into gear typically this is a clutch pack related problem or solenoid related problem in the transmission. If the torque converter had failed to the point where you're getting no engagement of the transmission there would have to be some type of noise usually related to that. If its lot of  mileage on this vehicle,then it wouldn't make any sense to pull the transmission and try a torque converter and not just rebuild the transmission or replace it with a good used one. If the problem comes and goes based on temperature usually this is internal related to the transmission and not the converter. If you manually shift the transmission to the L position or the reverse position and you still have no engagement and there's no abnormal noises in the fluid is full you're looking at a bad transmission.

This basis testing/ inspecting details should help in troubleshooting this issue.


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