Sunday, April 29, 2012

1998 Toyota Camry: Gear Shift Illumination bulb is out?

On this model there are manual controls and slides.
In this problem first check the fuse or the problem can be rheostat. BUT

If the rest of the illumination bulbs in the instrument panel are working normally then it is not a fuse. All of the illumination bulbs including the dials and the glovebox are all controlled on the rheostat illumination circuit. In order to remove the illumination bulb under the shifter mechanism you need to remove the back half of the consul box area. This is done by opening the armrest remove the small piece of carpeting/cloth that covers the two bolts that hold the back half down. Then use a screwdriver or plastic prybar and pop the black plastic trim that surrounds the shifter mechanism and holds the cigarette lighter or auxiliary plug by prying up on the edges and it will release the pop clips and work your way around towards the front and pull it out. This will expose two Phillips screws on the front side of the back half of the consul box. This then will allow you to remove the rear section. The light bulb socket can be accessed by using your fingers to manipulate the light socket by turning it left and pulling down to gain access to the bulb. It is a tight fit but that's the procedure to do this task.

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