Friday, April 27, 2012

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Driver door controls not working?

The Keyless remote not operating driver side door.The Control panel and control button on driver side door are not working.There is also Dome light warning coming up with driver side door closed.

This are common problems noticed by many car brands.
The problem can be minor or very major.

Minor like short in wires or loose/ unplugged ground connection or faulty door control module.

The switch pod for the driver's door is more than just switches, it has a module/computer aspect to it. It sounds like your problems are all related to that. If you have access to a multimeter and are able to pull the door panel off ,then check the module. It sounds like that module is either bad or is simply locked up. Unplugging it and plugging it back in usually helps to unlock it.

To Take apart door panel,the basic help procedure is as follows:---

There's a phillips screw in the little pocket by the switches, there's a small plug by the mirror that pops out and another screw is removed from there. There is a torx bit screw in the latch area where you pull to open the door. After that the only thing holding the door in place will be plastic trim panel clips. Some of them break on removal of the door panel, it just happens and even if you pull right at the clip, it can still break.

Once the panel is released from the door, you'll have to disengage the linkages for the lock and latch mechanism, it's pretty obvious how they come apart. Then you'll have a couple of connectors you'll need to unplug.

But if unplugging and reconnecting the connectors is not helping then its loose / short wires or its faulty module.

Lets first check the wires and connections.

The next step would require checking fuses and for power at the switch itself.
With the help of test light or meter check the door switch.
The orange/white wire (Pin 1) is power and the black wire (pin 4).

Read this wire color and order details carefully.
Wire Colors are black,blue,red/ white, and blue/ Tan colors are in order.

The Orange/White wire changes to a Brown/Blue at the door itself. Inside the cabin that same circuit should change to Orange/White.

The Brown is the primary color and that blue is the small stripe.

Check this with tapping in to the black wire and then probing the Brown/Blue wire,  light illuminates or not?
IF NO then,
If you clamp on to sheet metal of the door, then probe the Brown/Blue wire it should like up. The door is your ground and the wire is your power. If you pierce the black wire it now becomes your ground and then you tap in to the Brown/Blue wire. If the light does not illuminate then your ground is not good for the door.

If it Lights up when grounded to door,this confirms that NO or loose Ground wire connection is issue.So now you have connect the wire to proper Ground.
Use a jumper wire on that ground wire, touch it to the door and then operate your options on the door to see if the system now works.

If it works then you got the problem.

If you wanted to not chase the actual broken wire then you can just tap in right there at the wire so it's got a good connection on the harness and then take one of those eyelet type but connectors and crimp it on to the end of the wire and put it under one of the screws/bolts that holds the metal bracket off the door for the door pull. Leave yourself quite a bit of slack in the wire so you can remove and install the door panel easily.

Most of the time the broken wire will be in the wiring that goes through the door jam since it's opened and closed so much the wires sometimes break. It could be corrosion in a connector though.

That ground circuit splices in to a number of other components and if you're only having issues at the door itself, my guess would be that the final ground installed at the factory, the screw/bolt that grounds all these circuits is probably fine but the break is between there and the switch itself.

But if all wires are checked ok,and there is no short and ground connection is giving proper voltage then problem is door control module mounted in door panel.It has to be replaced by dealership.

This details will help.

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