Sunday, April 29, 2012

Toyota Avalon: Toyota XM satelite radio interface kit Connection?

satellite install new Toyota XM satellite radio interface kit the radio has to be pulled out.
Basically the installing instructions comes with the kit.

To install this interface kit specifically the radio has to be pulled out there's no way to reach the back of the radio. The control panel with the vents and the heater control buttons is simply held in with five pop clips and two claw type clips along the outer edges by the vents and side and the bottom. On most Toyota car models vent and control panel that covers the radio is behind the two pieces to the left and to the right or whether the centerpiece covers the dash panel pieces to the left and the right you will find out as soon as you pop it free you may have to remove those two panels by this ignition lock cylinder and over by the glovebox also.

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