Monday, April 9, 2012

How to Remove Fan Clutch on 2005 gmc envoy?

On 2005 GMC envoy there is a cover over the water pump,that comes in the way for removing the fan clutch.
Many self doers gets stuck up here,because of this cover.

The details to remove Fan clutch is as follows:-----

The Fan clutch does not bolt to the water pump as it did on older vehicles. The fan clutch is actually threaded to the water pump. It will take a large wrench on the fan clutch hub to loosen, then it will spin off the end of the water pump. The fan clutch will need to rotate counterclockwise to loosen from the water pump. Below is the removal procedure for you.

Removal Procedure
    Drain the cooling system. Remove the air cleaner assembly. Remove the air resonator assembly. Remove the inlet radiator hose.
      See the help diagram shown below:-----
      Object Number: 750177  Size: SH Remove the transmission oil cooler lines from the fan shroud. Disconnect the fan clutch electrical connector. Using J 46406 remove the fan clutch from the water pump. Remove the mounting bolts from the upper fan shroud. Lift and push the fan shroud inward to clear the filler neck on the radiator. Remove the fan and the shroud.

    Installation Procedure
      Install the fan and the shroud. Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in the Preface section. Install the mounting bolts to the upper fan shroud. Tighten Tighten the bolts to 28 N·m (21 lb ft). Object Number: 750177  Size: SH Using J 46406 install the fan clutch to the water pump. Connect the fan clutch electrical connector. Install the inlet radiator hose. Install the air resonator assembly. Install the air cleaner assembly. Fill the cooling system.

    The fan clutch is counterclockwise to remove the clutch from the water pump. Most professional car mechanics leave the belt and pulley on while removing the fan clutch. The belt tension helps hold the pulley from turning. There is a special tool available to help hold the pulley while you loosen the nut, but  usually leaving the belt on then take a hammer and strike your wrench to help jar the nut loose. That nut is the only thing that holds the fan clutch on. I will advise to let the bolts remainin the fan blade to fan clutch installed., otherwise the clutch will fall in between the radiator and fan blade and could damage the radiator (a real bummer). Once you have the clutch loose from the water pump you can take the bolts out of the fan to clutch if needed. Also make sure that the water pump is not leaking.
    If it is then it also has to be replaced.

    This Procedure with help diagrams will help you to remove the fan clutch on GMC envoy car model.

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