Sunday, April 29, 2012

2002 Toyota RAV4: Started Skipping and Stuck in gears?

The Toyota Started Skipping badly and Transmission gets stuck up in gears.

This problem is noticed by many other Toyota vehicle users.

In most of this cases steady Check engine light will come on DASH.

This is a common problem. The ECU has been changed and they extended the warranty period on them to cover this before it destroys the transmission. The transmissions are on a 3 month back order if it gets damaged.

Please Note:--It is not an extended warranty policy. It is a factory warranty extension. It has to be done at any Toyota dealer.
If the Check engine light is not coming on,then also ask the Toyota dealership to look into the faulty.
It is true that they can not get codes unless the light comes on but they can do the repair ie the computer replacement based on the numbers on the computer and the VIN range.

This details will help.

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