Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chevrolet Malibu:Key Stuck in ON position?

In this case the Key is stuck in ON position and not rotating to off position and this is also draining the battery.The customer tries to pull the key and rotate the key,but its stiff and hard.

On that basis the Troubleshooting is as follows:----

This sometimes happens for a couple reasons, first make sure the shifter is in the park position fully. You may want to shift it out of park and back into park making sure the shifter goes into park fully. The second reason would be that the battery is failing and this does not then allow the key to rotate back to the off position. You may have to hook up a battery charger or jumper cables to another vehicle to get it to the off position if this is the case. Try these two things and if it still wont go all the way off there is likely a electrical problem either in the shifter or the steering column causing this concern.It has to be inspected,checked and verified.

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