Friday, April 27, 2012

Toyota Tacoma: Identify Toyota TRD Model?

Before Buying or Knowing about TRD models.

How to Know if Vehicle is a TRD model or ANY other Model.

VIN Number is 5TELU42N58Z544473.

According to the VIN this does not specifically call for the TRD package in the build sheet however it has all the stuff that normally comes on the high end TRD.
It has the 6500lb towing capacity and the 7 pin towing plug along with the extra trans cooler.
Normally the Shocks and Struts are Bilstein and are blue instead of the standard black Toyota ones.
The Sticker new put this at $28799.
This is slightly under the TRD. IF TRD is important this may have just had the stickers added. As a note this was sold as a FLEET vehicle. Some times fleet vehicles have a tendency to be not maintained as well. Make sure you get a thorough inspection. Also it is due for a recall that includes replacement of the Spiral cable for the SRS. This just came out recently.

TRDs usually come with stickers applied. All of the TRDs I have seen have them.
They came standard on all the TRD option packages. It probably is not an official TRD truck if they are getting extra money for that option I would get the price reduced.

This details will help.

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