Sunday, April 29, 2012

1998 Toyota Camry: Heater Controls Not Working?

When the interior fan is turned ON, it doesn't blow in the center console vents or the floor.
This heater control problems needs basic troubleshooting,to confirm the problem.

As far as the heater controls the only thing that goes wrong is the cable either pops off or the mechanism up by the driver side accelerator pedal area goes bad.

Check the mechanism on the left side of the heater control box which is located behind the carpeting area just up and to the right from the accelerator pedal. As you move the position lever if you have the control cable style you will see the mechanism move as the cable moves. If you have the electric motor actuator style controls see if the actuator makes any noise or tries to move the controls. If you have the cable style system the cable is known to pop off or the mechanism basically comes off track.
If its Actuator Style and Actuator is not functioning right,then Actuator motor has to be replaced.

This details will help.

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