Friday, April 27, 2012

2009 Toyota Tundra: Driver side door will not lock or unlock with Remote?

Keyless remote not operating.
All other 3 doors are getting locked and unlocked but Drivers side door is not getting operated by remote.

This says that remote itself is fine and operating.

Most of the time this means there is a problem with the door lock actuator motor in the door. Without removing the door panel and applying power and grounds to the actual door lock motor itself it's hard to say for sure. The weakest or most common link is the door lock actuator motor. Provided the door lock knob is not binding and is operating manually without any resistance usually it is the motor itself. Unfortunately it is part of the latch assembly inside the door.
The door lock actuator with the door lock motor and latch assembly inside the door is a plug-and-play item. Once the door is disassembled and the lock/actuator is replaced there is no programming necessary. FYI I do not see many of these fail very often if ever and they're covered for three years and 36,000 miles under warranty.

This details will help.

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