Sunday, April 29, 2012

2002 Toyota Sienna: Wipers and Passenger side Power window stopped working?

Wipers started a bit then stopped working and Passenger side window stopped working at same time.
But all other windows work properly.

This types of problem many a times makes the car owner to think,that problem is same for both the faults.
But its not the same.

It can be faulty fuse or issue with Motor.
To remove the fuse out needle nose are fine. The fuse holder is under the hood fuse box.
The pivot on the wiper motor for the rear is known to freeze. There is also a circuit breaker built into the rear motor that can get burned. Pull the motor and check the shaft. The 25 amp wiper fuse is the only fuse for the rear wiper.
The front window is not related to wiper not operating.The windows work off of the 30 amp power fuse and feeds all the windows not just the right front window. If the other windows work it is not a fuse issue and more then likely is a bad window motor. The fuse box has a lock tab to depress and the lid pops off.

So for both the cases the issue is most probably the faulty motor.The Wiper operating motor and power window motor.

Getting this parts checked and inspecting before directly replacing will help.

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