Sunday, April 1, 2012

What is Best Tire For the Vehicle?

The customer needs detail about what is the best and affordable,long lasting and durable tires.

Basically the Requirement of Tire is as per What type of driving do you do most? Highway, in town, off-road. What climate do you live in? Snow? Rain?

So as per that you can go for the best suitable tire.

Tires will vary in price greatly depending on many factors. My personal opinion is that you get what you pay for in a tire, meaning that the cheaper tires generally don't last as long and tend to have more problems than the tires that cost a little more.Most car garages install Michelin tires on most of the vehicles. I find that they last significantly longer than a lot of other brands including other name brands. I tend to shy away from most Goodyear tires because they seem to be a little less tolerant to wear problems created by lack of rotation or wheel alignment concerns. Brigestone/Firestone seem to do fairly well on the Tahoe as well. If you want to provide the tire size I would be happy to research and make some specific recommendations for you. The tire size is located on the tire itself and should be a series of numbers like P265/75/17. That is not likely the correct size for your vehicle, but just an example of the number you are looking for. The size is also located on a sticker that's located on the driver door jam of your Tahoe. It may be a good idea to check both locations and make sure the vehicle has the correct size tire currently installed.

This details will help.

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