Thursday, April 26, 2012

2000 Toyota Solara: Valve Cover Gasket Replacing?

Right Hand Side Valve Cover Gasket Replacing On Toyota Solara Model.

For this procedure the upper intake manifold has to be removed.

The wiring harness  is bolted to the r/h valve cover.
Follow the harness to the drivers side of the engine and down on the cylinder head are a couple or 10 mm bolts that hold the plastic casing that needs to be removed. This will allow a little more room to pull the harness up and back to allow the V/C to clear. Be careful when reinstalling the cover. After you set it back down on the head run your fingers under the cover and make sure the rubber gasket did not come out.

Please note there 4 bolts that are to be removed.Only two bolts are seen, they are visible from the topside on the backside of the valvecover.
Those are the top ones. There are 2 more on the down side of the harness where it curls down the cylinder head. These need removed also along with the 2 on top of the valve cover.

Once this bolts are removed,the Valve Cover will come out easily.

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