Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2003 Toyota Tundra: Squeaking Control Arm Bushing?

Squeaking noise heard under left control Arm Bushing.

The Squeak noise is continuous.

In this case i will say,try spraying WD-40 on the control arm bushings and see if that helps.
then the control arm bushings needs to be replaced.

If you decide that you want to replace the upper control arm assembly yourself which is actually not too bad to do the part number for the right-hand side is 48610–34010 it retails for about $260. If you buy from an online Toyota store they sell at wholesale prices and it's right around $198. The part number for the left-hand side is 48630–34010. The labor for any shop to replace this on usually will run you about 1.5 hours no more than 2.0 hours times your local labor rate. On this particular vehicle identification number the upper control arm bushings are available separate and would have to be pressed into the control arm. This requires more labor and may be as high as 3 hours to replace the bushings. The bushings retail for about $40 and can be purchased online at most Toyota wholesale parts stores for about $30 apiece the part number is same for both the front and the rear and is as follows; 48632-34010

If replacing the bushings in the arms is not feasible at this time try using silicone spray vs. WD-40. The WD-40 will have a tendency to attack the rubber in the bushings vs. the silicone is more of a rubber lubricant.

Hope this details helps.

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