Saturday, April 28, 2012

1994 Toyota Camry: Coolant Leak?

Coolant leaking has multiple possibilities.
First inspect the radiator.The pipes/tubes from which coolant passes, Also confirm that there is no coolant getting mix with engine oil or transmission oil.
It can be worn out or faulty Radiator cap.Due to which pressure gets released.And coolant leaking from radiator cap.
Also make sure that there are no leaks getting to the ground anywhere? Is the carpeting getting wet with coolant in side the vehicle?
Properly check this basic possibilities.In most of cases this possibilities cause coolant leak.

If all options have been exhausted to find an external leak from any of the hoses or radiator when 13 up to 15 pounds of pressure were put on the system this only leaves two possible options.
The first one being under the intake manifold is a coolant pipe that is known to leak from the seals. Over time the coolant leaks out but is never enough to push out over and come down onto the ground it usually evaporates creating a crust build up under the intake.
The second possible option is that the head gaskets are starting to leak slowly and the coolant is being burned and sent out the exhaust. This is a small amount and generally you will never see any excessive steam from the tailpipe. Eventually it will start to leak to the point where it will start to overheat. Given the age and probable high mileage unfortunately you're probably looking at leaking head gaskets.
This is not an oil mixing with water type of head gasket leak typically this engine leaks between the combustion chamber and the coolant jacket.

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