Friday, April 27, 2012

2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid: Warning Lights Abs, Vsc & Brake Are On?

VSC/Brake/ABS Lights Coming ON.
This types of problems are noticed on many Toyota Highlander models.
Basically in this types of cases you will notice that  motor/pump sound/noise coming from the right front of the engine everytime car is unlocked.Many car owners dont understand this problem.

First thing i will say on this case is get the error codes retrieved from cars computer.
There is manual procedure to retrieve the error codes by jumping the pin/wires.

In most cases the Error codes Received is
(ABS) - 42, 98.
(!) - 36, 66, 69.

If you receive Error code 69 then its problem here.

THE CODE 69 HAS TO BE THE FOCUS. This means there is a fluid loss or the Accumulator which is part of the ABS actuator and VSC unit is leaking internally. This is why you hear the motor buzzing. It is trying to pressure up the system and can not. More then likely the actuator assembly will have to be replaced if there are no visible external brake fluid leaks. The other codes all have to do with reinitializing the system and calibration issue caused by the failure of the accumulator pressure.

One more important  detail.The ABS actuator has nothing to do with the hybrid system. Provided the brake pedal pressure feels normal and the stopping ability feels normal you should be fine to drive. However if it's an accumulator leak internally in the actuator it could cause intermittent low or no brake pedal effort. At this point would be unsafe to drive. The ABS actuator normally houses the accumulator on US model made Vehicles.
On other Country made vehicles the Actuator is separate from the pump and booster motor assembly.

This details will help.

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