Friday, April 27, 2012

2006 Toyota Camry: Noisy Control Arms?

The Control Arms Makes Noise.This is noticed due to dry rot and cracking of the bushings.

Before replacing the Arm directly,its advisable to inspect ,Is the arm broken loose and banging against the cradle or is it just cracked?

If its Broken,then replacing the control arm is only option.
But if its just cracked then there is still good life for control Arm.

Unfortunately this is a common problem that occurs due to the Vehicle age and road conditions. The rubber cracks and eventually breaks loose. Some places offer a bushing replacement but most have to have the arm replaced. Their estimate is way to high. The flat rate book for labor time quotes like 7 hours. It wants you to pull the engine cradle done to replace the arms. Normal time to do this is 5 hours max for both sides. The cradle does not have to be removed. Make sure the labor time is in order. It will still not affect if the rubber bushings is broken or separated more then 50% of the way around. If they are just cracked save your money and keep driving there is allot of life left yet. This is not a safety issue. Even if the rubber breaks all the way through it will just make a banging noise over bumps. It would still be safe to drive even then.

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