Friday, April 27, 2012

Lexus RX: Tapping noise under Valve Cover At Low RPM?

The Clicking or tapping noise is heard from under the valve cover.The noise is heard when RPM is Low,the noise gets low or quits away when RPM is high.

The Noise at IDLE.

In most of such cases its seen that CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS ON.
There are multiple things that can cause this type of noise. It could be low oil pressure or it could be something in the variable valve timing on the camshaft itself. There also are possible issues with the valve clearances. Have you ever had the malfunction codes checked in the engine control computer that are causing the check engine light illuminate? Most auto-parts stores like AutoZone or similar in most states do free malfunction code reads. This code number could give some insight as to what's going on. If it is not a severe knocking noise and there's no loss or performance or cylinder misfire you should be fine to drive for now. However if you're getting any coolant loss or unusual noises in the timing belt cover towards the front of the engine you could have the water pump starting fail. If the timing belt has never been done this could be an issue also.

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