Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Car hard shift at slow speeds?

Many car drivers ask this query.
In this case the problem is noticed on GM 2000 Monte Carlo SS model car.
Basically in this cases the car will not shift smoothly,while driving slow,at traffic roads or while stopping at signal,or while leaving from stop light signal.
But when car is running with speed ,the gears shift properly.
In some cases the drivers feel a distinct clunk throughout the vehicle while hard shift at slow speeds.

Mostly in this cases what is wrong is the transmission is shifting hard due to the pressure control solenoid inside the side cover of the transmission has debris in it and is causing it to stick.You can first try to have a transmission fluid flush performed not a filter change by dropping the pan but a service machine that will clean and remove all 11 quarts of the old fluid out of it while adding 11 new quarts of fluid.and have them clear any codes in the computer and drive it.That will correct  most of problem.But if the problem comes back,then   pressure control solenoid has to be replaced in the transmission.The part cost for the pressure control solenoid is approx $ 150 and it takes approx 4 hours labor X's the shops labor rate to replace the part.

This details will help.Thanks.

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