Thursday, January 26, 2012

Every question has an answer?

There are many different-- different types of questions.
Every question has an answer.
Some questions are very to solve and some are very difficult to solve.

The main aspect of the problem is its detail.Without proper detail,no question can be answered.

Suppose you have car related problem,then exact model of car,exact brand and year of car should be mentioned.
What exact problem is noticed on your should be mentioned.
What basic troubleshooting you have already tried should be mentioned.
Some problems are not do-it-yourself type problems so in that cases a profession car mechanic tech or a car dealer is required to get that problem resolved.

Now, if you have printer or copier related problem,
then exact brand and model of printer copier should be mentioned.
Exact age of printer/copier should be provided.
What error your product is showing that should be given.
If its not error related issue,then is there paper jam problem or cartridge related issue,that should be provided.

In this way the exact details of problem and product should be provided.

Many clients and customers just ask the problem in one line or one word.
For example :---

" printer error"

"car run rough"

"no spin washing machine"

etc etc.
This types of questions have multiple answers and providing all possible answers is very difficult for tech.

SO if the question is asked with proper detail,then its nearest or exact solution or possibility can be provided.

Please provide more details for your problem here in the comment section.So the expert who is viewing your question can give you better answer for your problem.

You can just send your comments here and expert will reply you back as quickly as possible.

In some cases,it takes time to give you correct answers.Due to that reason,if you can also mention your appropriate email id here there expert will update you when proper solution is posted for your question.This makes conversation simple and easy.

So dont forget to give more details about your problem and product which is noticing the problem and without fail provide appropriate email to keep you updated.

Just below this,there is option called " POST A COMMENT"
You can give you details there and post.Expert will view it and reply you as soon as your answer is ready.

Hope you understand the procedure.