Friday, January 27, 2012

Ford explorer just gives click but will not start?

This types of problems are basically the indication of weak battery.So inspect car battery first.If its too old battery,then replace it with new battery,then try.
If battery is replaced or checked out good,then other possibility for the click noise is faulty starter.The starter is not engaging and that is making the click noise.If you have already replaced starter.
The problem you are describing is most likely eaither the new starter is defective or you have some bad teeth on the flywheel, I would start removing the new starter and inspecting the teeth on it as well as the one the flywheel. If the flywheel looks ok, suspect the new starter is defective.

If the starter is not replaced,then its time for new starter.

Also try this test procedure:----
Take a 12 volt test light and see if you have cranking voltage at the small wire on the starter while holding the key in the start position. You may just be hearing the starter relay clicking.

This details will help you to confirm the fault.


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