Friday, January 27, 2012

paper getting crumpled on Panasonic KV-S2026C Pass-Through Scanner?

The tray from where paper is getting in for scanning.There are gears at both sides of the tray to very end.
This gear assembly spins and paper gets in.If any of the gear is cracked or got clogged with dust,then gear assembly will not move free and that will cause the problem.

So first try cleaning the gears and inspecting gears.

Also one more thing,try cleaning the sensors too.

There will be a little square sensor at the place where paper is taken feed. Mostly that sensor is filled with dust or else faulty. Try cleaning it gently and with care. else you will have to change it.

This scanner has a paper detection sensor at the eject rollers where the paper comes out. Its a reflective device that can be fooled by paper dust buildup. Look in the gap where the paper is fed out, in the center you will find a little reflective patch facing up. Use a blower bulb or GENTLE puff of canned air, followed by a damp q-tip. There are similar sensors in the vertical transport that can give the same error. Don't overdo the canned air. It doesn't remove dust so much as just re-arrange it, usually to somewhere harder to reach.

This will help.