Friday, January 27, 2012

Mitsubishi Pajero turns over but not fire?

If the engine is turning over very fast but not firing could the cam chain have snapped. Take the rocker cover off and turn engine over, see if the cam shaft is turning.

Also check the injectors and confirm ,is there diesel getting to the cylinders.

You can check the chain and the tensioner if you whip the rocker cover off and you will see the top of the chain, if you shine a torch down the passenger side of the engine from the front you will also see the tensoner.

The top timing mark will be visable with the rocker cover off also when you refit dont forget to seal the half moons as they will leak if you dont.

Check the timing belt. If that is okay, then I would start to check for spark and fuel.Start by checking if your getting a spark then check your getting fuel through.

In many other cases,same problem causes due to 
high tension cable came off the ignition coil,once the cable is reconnected and fitted right the engine fires up right.

But if you notice that injectors are not having pulse,
That is an ignition issue. I would say make sure one of those isn't bad by checking the resistance of the spark plug wire with a multi meter.
Also make sure the plugs are gapped correctly.

Probably dirty injectors or soft carbon on the back of the intake valves. Try running some injector cleaner and going to a fuel with cleaner in it. Although maybe not soft carbon the way you are WOT.



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