Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Door ajar light stays on?

This is very common problem noticed on all the branded vehicles.When the door is not getting properly closed,door ajar light will remain ON.This is indication to close the car doors properly.But sometimes the doors are properly closed,and still the door ajar light comes ON.This time its a problem.In this case door switch,door sensors needs to be inspected.

Now in this particular case my customer has noticed problem on Ford vehicle.He has two vehicles on both he noticed door ajar problem.
One is ford Taurus and other is Ford F 150.

On the basic of this description the solution to try on this problem is as follows:-------

Both cars have switches mounted to the bottom of the door latches, and over times they get gumked up with dirt and grime,so the best thing to try before you replace a switch is to clean and lubricate each door latch, go to any parts store and grab a can of parts cleaner and a can of WD40 or any lube, then open every door on the car or truck and use the cleaner first on the door latch , soak them good.Then use the lube,soak them,then open and close each door 10 times.Then start the car or truck up and open and close each door and see if its repaired.If this does not work , then one of the switches is bad, the dealer can tell with one is bad with a computer,or you can replace all of them ,it is up to you.You can also test the switches with meter.But with dealer tool,it will help to locate the faulty switch in minutes,instead of manual troubleshooting.

This details will help.

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